Tuesday, January 31, 2012

JP Aerospace will send your logo to the edge of space for as low as $400.

A Japanese TV program took advantage of the program to send a chair into space and video taped it for an episode!

And Samsung sent their Galaxy phone into near orbit. Very cool!
The Jefferson Space Museum to go to the edge of space, thanks to the good folks at JP Aerospace. For a small fee, they will send your logo to the edge of space, and send you back pictures. For a few dollars more, you can send up practically anything (heck, look on their website -- someone sent up a chair! And Samsung sent up a phone!) Very cool. Astronaut Tom will very soon be a real astro! (Well, almost...) It also supports a good cause, in that each sponsored ad supports student experiements that fly up on the mission. 4 missions are slated to launch come March 31st. The Jefferson Space Museum will be along for the ride: we've booked our spot. How about you?

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